About Us
Sonny's and Ginger's Nature Studies
Sonny and Ginger
   We are tired....I mean retired!  
Sonny is a retired minister.  Ginger is
retired from an insurance office where
she was office manager and a licensed
agent.  We have a son and
daughter-in-law and a granddaughter
and grandson.  
Sonny has been interested in
butterflies since childhood.  He has
also always been interested in
photography.  Following a trip to the
Passiflora Society International
meeting at Butterfly World in Fort
Lauderdale, Florida, he became
interested in planting flowers that
attract and host butterflies and in
encouraging others to do the same.  
Photographing these "flying flowers"
became a natural extension of this
For several years, he began to notice
the fox squirrels coming into our yard.  
He began observing their comings and
goings and habits,.and photographing
Also, we began to spend more and
more time outside, noticing other
things of interest.
Ginger claims that Sonny photographs
anything that stands still long enough.
The photography part of our hobby
has resulted in putting together
displays, giving programs, and
entering contests.  Some of the photos
shown here are some of our winning
A Moment of Joy
Out of 1390 entries, this
photo was one of 77
chosen to be placed in the
permanent collection of the
Shepherd Center
Photography Exhibit in the
Jane Woodruff Pavilion at
Shepherd Center in
Atlanta, GA
Male Eastern Tiger
on Carolina
Jessamine on the cover of
the 2008-09 Tifton
Regional Directory.  This
photo was the winner of
the Directory Cover Art
Gulf Fritillaries sitting
on a Mexican Sunflower.
This photo won the Flying
category (one of
four categories)  in the
12th annual
Birds and
Backyard Photo
Black/Brown Fox Squirrel
Won second place ribbon in
Pet Photography show at
local Art Center.